Rolex is one of the world’s most prestigious manufacturers of luxury watches. Given the beauty, accuracy, and prominence of Rolex watches as status symbols, they are popular all over the world. Fake Rolex watches are the exotic timepieces that everyone dreams of owning. watches
The Rolex GMT II 116710BNLR is an example of the outstanding products of this famous brand. Although this watch was originally designed for professional use, its unmatched functionality and unique sturdy appearance have made it a favorite of many people. The ability of this watch to display different time zones is especially popular among travelers. However, it is easy to tell the difference between a Rolex GMT II Batman watch and the real thing.
The dial is one of the first elements to focus on when comparing a genuine replica Rolex GMT II 116710BNLR with a watch, as it is one of the most prominent features of the watch. Even though counterfeiters try to get every detail of a Rolex watch right, they still make certain mistakes. These loopholes can be used to determine replicas of the Rolex GMT II 116710BNLR. ROLEX GMT II
Although the watches have similar text, the difference can be seen in the details. In the authentic version of the watch, the entire text is written in white. On the other hand, the first part of the watch, “GMT-MASTER II,” is written in blue. The color of the entire hand is uniform and similar to the color on the axis in the center of the dial, where the hand rotates. However, for the watch, the color combination is quite different. Although it has three white hands like the genuine article, the edges of the hands are black. The shaft of the watch is also black, unlike the white color of the genuine watch.
The popularity of Rolex brand watches depends largely on the quality of the product. The brand invests in the quality of the materials used in its watches. The quality of the materials used in the Rolex GMT II 116710BNLR is essential to ensure the strength and durability of the watch. In addition to its importance in terms of durability, the quality of the material also reflects the aesthetics of the watch. The authentic Rolex GMT II 116710BNLR is certainly made of the finest quality materials. As a result, it is sturdy and looks exceptionally good.
Rolex takes pride in offering properly assembled timepieces. Every part of the watch has been carefully assembled to ensure that the watch matches its reputation. The genuine Rolex GMT II 116710BNLR has a crystal that is properly secured to the watch case. The fastening is done so well that one would hardly notice any seams between the two parts. This is not the case with the fake Rolex GMT II 116710BNLR. Although the fastening is almost similar to the genuine watch, some seams can still be seen between the crystal and the case.