Comparison of two Different Rolex Watches

How much do you know about the nickname of Rolex? From athletes to soda flavors, there are two superhero nicknames, batman and hulk. One is GMT-Master II and the other is a Submariner, so in this video, we’re going to look at Rolex batman and the Rolex hulk and see which one wins.
About 10 years ago, Rolex replica introduced two new stainless steel Submariner models with beefier super cases, featured by thicker lugs and crown guards, despite retaining the same 40mm diameter. This pair of new-gen Subs also had ceramic bezels and bolder “maxi dials” with bigger hands and lume plots. One was the Submariner ref. 116610LN with a black bezel and dial while the other was the Submariner ref. 116610LV with a green bezel and dial. Rolex Watches
The 116610LV was not the first green Submariner that Rolex made. However, it was the first Submariner with a green Cerachrom ceramic bezel and also the first to have a matching green dial. Considering the heavier shape of the new green submarine and the prominent use of green throughout the dial and bezel, the nickname “hulk” is perfect in the sense of the umpire 116610LV.
Rolex released a new stainless steel GMT-Master II with a blue and black Cerachrom ceramic bezel three years later. Not only was this the first-ever blue and black bezel made by fake Rolex, but it was also the brand’s first two-tone Cerachrom ceramic bezel. Up until then, Rolex maintained that it would be impossible to make a bi-colored ceramic bezel, thus explaining why the then-current GMT-Master II models were only available with monochromatic ceramic bezels. However, the band proved itself wrong, signaling the return to the two-tone bezel that made the original GMT-Master so popular.
It’s crucial to note that the nickname is attached to the bezel and not to the special reference, which clarifies why both the previous ref. 116710BLNR and the new ref. 126710BLNR (released in 2019) are both famous as Rolex replica watches; however, the new edition is also known as the “Batgirl” due to its slightly more refined case shape.
Both the Batman and the Hulk feature 40mm stainless steel cases, rotating bezels, and similar dial layouts with Mercedes-style hands, a date indication, and lume-filled plots for hour markers. Both are also decorated with sapphire crystals with the familiar Cyclops magnification lens over the date window.
Moving onto the bracelets, the Hulk watch is fitted with a three-link Oyster bracelet with brushed surfaces, equipped with a Glidelock clasp, allowing divers to lengthen the bracelet up to 20mm in 2mm increments to fit over a diving suit. On the contrary, the Rolex Batman 126710BLNR features a five-link Jubilee bracelet with high-polish center links and a clasp fitted with the brand’s 5mm Easylink extension. So choosing between these two popular Rolex tools is a matter of deciding which feature is most useful to you and which color scheme is best for your taste.