Replica Rolex Submariner Gold Watch

Great Replica Rolex Submariner Gold Watch

Although the Rolex submersible began in 1953 as a rugged unadorned stainless steel diving watch, today, this famous diver is considered one of the world’s greatest luxury watches, while still very capable of diving deep with divers. When Rolex introduced its first pure gold submarine, there was no question that it had been upgraded from pragmatism to luxury. No armor is more imaginative than that made of shiny precious metals. Let’s find out the first reference is the Rolex submarine gold fake watch and list the details.
When your life depends on the limited oxygen tanks on your back, you naturally care more about the past few minutes than what day it is. This explains why early dive models in the 1950s didn’t have to worry about putting a date window on an already limited dial.
However, by the late 1960s, the replica rolex Submariner case had already grown from its original 37mm diameter to the now-standard 40mm. Therefore, not only did that leave some extra room on the dial for a date window, but since Rolex surely wanted to grow Sub sales outside of just the dive crowd, fitting a Submariner with a date indication would indeed be a practical addition to a daily sports watch. By the end of the 1960s, the first Submariner Date surfaced as the Reference 1680.
Not only did Rolex make the Submariner ref. 1680 in stainless steel, but the company also manufactured a solid yellow gold Submariner 1680. It’s important to note that the first yellow Sub is sometimes simply called the yellow gold Submariner 1680 or the Submariner 1680/8; however, it is not the Submariner 16808 – that’s an entirely different generation.
Rolex’s first gold diver made its debut in 1969, flaunting an 18k yellow gold 40mm Oyster case fitted with a matching 18k yellow gold Oyster bracelet. Early examples of the submarine ref.1680/8 have rotating bezels with black aluminum inserts and matching black dial. However, the gold joint dial is not the standard black dial of the stainless steel dial.
Instead of the flat lume plots found on stainless steel Submariners of the era, the yellow gold Submariner 1680 had dials with raised gold hour markers with tritium luminous centers – which eventually picked up their “nipple dial” nickname. However, since the Submariner 1680 had a date window, Rolex replica furnished the acrylic crystal protecting the dial with the customary Cyclops date magnification lens.
A few years later, around 1971, Rolex offered another colorway of the yellow gold Submariner featuring a bright blue bezel and dial. Particularly interesting is how the blue gold submarine 1680/8 model has been transformed into different colors over time, including light blue, vibrant purple, and rich reddish-brown dial.
Obviously, there is no need to choose a feature dive watch and a luxury gold dive watch, when you can have both in an eye-catching gold Rolex Submarine.