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A woman appears from among the waves who is beautiful and who possesses spiritual and also material riches (since the sea is one of the wealthiest and largest kingdoms, covering more than 70% of the world's surface). Almost dancing, with a subtle bending of her arms, she seems to be surrounded by sweet melodies springing from her own self. 

A hand carries a comb (made of sea oysters) which she uses to comb herself before a mirror (made of snail shells) held by her other hand. Her crown also is made of silver (her metal) and snail shells, with a starfish in the middle, a necklace of the same metal ending in a charm representing a fish that inhabits her territory. The crown is decorated with pearls (as drops of her pure element), which gives her a princess-like quality. She is comfortably seated on a seashell. Her kingdom is one of the major ones for the reasons given above but also because its energy comes from ancient times. 

At the beginning, and for many thousands of millions of years, there were only masses of water over the face of the earth. It can be said, therefore, that life had its origins there; that is why we consider "Yemanja" as the mother of all other Orishas (save for a few whose mother would be Nana, a more ancestral Yemanja).