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The Deepest Diving Replica Omega Seamaster Watch

The unique Omega has just stated that earlier this year, adventurer Victor Vescovo set a new world record for the deepest dive, taking his submersible Limiting Factor 10,928 meters below the ocean’s surface into the Mariana Trench. And, importantly, strapped to the outside of the Limiting Factor was a new experimental fake Omega dive watch, the Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep Professional. Actually, there were three Ultra Deep Professionals on the dive – one on each of the major vessel’s robotic arms and an extra detachable lander vehicle.
Vecovo’s record-setting mission is part of a larger project called the five depths, which will take him to the deepest of the world’s five oceans. Making replica watches for such expeditions is no easy task, and while omega USES the planet of the ocean tailor as a starting point, it’s safe to say that this ultra-professional tailor is different from any tailor before him. To begin with, the shell is made of titanium cut from the body, binding it directly to the submersible itself. Additionally, the way that the crystal is joined to the body of the watch is encouraged by the way viewports are designed on submersibles to better distribute pressure – a patent is currently pending on this design too. The watch is certified to 15,000 meters, so Omega knew it would be well-decorated for its mission, and it comes in just under 28mm thick. While obviously chunky for daily wear, this actually isn’t crazy when it comes to watches like this.
Our correspondent Jason Heaton is in London with the fake omega and will soon have more in-depth reports, including a number of practical photographs of the planet in action by the ocean’s super-deep professional crew. Records like this aren’t created every day, and it’s super cool to see how the world’s top watchmakers continue to push the boundaries of what mechanical timekeeping can do. So stay tuned!